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How we work

With us you can expect regular communication

We need to know what you are up to, what your plans are, so that we can advise in advance of you taking action (rather than afterwards, when it is often too late).

Without regular contact and an up to date understanding of your business, it is virtually impossible to be proactive. And we are back to the 'old style' accountancy service (which neither of us particularly wants).

We provide support to you throughout the year, not just once a year at tax return / accounts time.

We share your ambition for success

We interact with your business and like to be seen as a partner. We provide the accountancy and financial management information that drives business success. We develop accounting methods to make the figures really talk to you.   

Being part of your team we look ahead to the future and jointly develop a business plan for business growth through financial success. We help you to interpret your business strategy with sound financial planning.

We look at the whole picture, including retirement, exit and succession strategies. We share your ambitions, add value and make a positive difference.

Thinking, not just processing.    

We are approachable

We are friendly, encouraging, pragmatic and creative. Not your usual accountants…

We talk your language. No jargon or technical speak. You want to know what an issue means for you, what the options are and what we recommend. And that is how we explain it.

Fixed Price Agreements

Agreed prices, agreed payment terms, for agreed services.    

No reluctance to seek timely advice for fear of the clock ticking. If it is simple and can be dealt with on the phone or by email (without further research) then it is covered under the agreement. We both know where we are then. No nasty fee surprises for you. And spreading payment over the period that the work is carried out (via standing order) can benefit both of our cashflows.

Of course there may be 'extras' that come up, but we will always try to give you a price in advance wherever possible.    

And while we are on the subject of pricing, Hammett Spire firmly believes in an excellent service for a fair price. Fairness really is our middle name. We are not trying to be the absolute cheapest, but we are trying to offer the best value for money.

Remember… Nothing has been invented or produced that cannot be made cheaper by making it worse or inferior in quality.

Contact us and arrange a meeting

We do not charge for an introductory consultation and there is no obligation to take things further unless you want to.

And finally – we like to have a bit of fun! Life is for living and we believe it is important to have a laugh sometimes. Business should be enjoyable when like-minded people get together.

Contact Us

21 Heavitree Road
Tel: 01392 823999

Also in Seaton:

8-10 Queen Street
EX12 2NY
Chris Hammett
Tel: 01297 624188  


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